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New England Sports Car Racing at Thompson and Lime Rock, A Lotus Eleven Le Mans team car, an OSCA, and more....


6 March, 2011

I have decided to close the Coldplugs site. With my business and other interests taking more and more time, I have been unable to devote the effort to maintain Coldplugs properly for many months now. I started it back about 1998 and it has been great fun.

I plan to keep the URL for a while in case I change my mind, but have no plans to re-open it anytime soon.

Thank you to everyone who contributed!

John C
















Racing in New England - Organized by track. Currently Thompson, Lime Rock, and "Others". Mostly period photos, some good, some not so good.

Old Pics - Our used cars, parts, boats,  planes, two dealerships, a girl, 2 NY International Car Shows, and more.  Original basis for this site. All period photos.

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